Core/Flex Educational Series: The Employee Experience 10.24.2023 | Ruhi Van Andel

Well folks, we’re officially mid-way through the fourth quarter of 2023, and it’s safe to say that the buzz around Core/Flex mobility programs certainly isn’t any quieter than it was at the beginning of this year. And we’re not surprised. 

After all, today’s mobile employees still want more flexibility and control, but they desperately need support to manage the new complexities of global relocation. Amid lingering recession fears, employers need mobility programs that are cost-effective, streamlined, and easy to administer but magnetic enough to attract and retain top talent. Agility is in high demand and core/flex mobility policies are touted as the hero; flexible enough to bend to the needs of employees but structured enough to initiate and manage easily.

Despite all the hype around flexible mobility and the core/flex model, the vast majority of companies report that they don’t yet offer any form of choice in their programs. Why? They still have many questions about the core/flex framework and how to make it work for them. This points to a greater need to take the mystery out of flexible mobility and to demonstrate how these models can be adapted to meet employee and business goals.

Bite-Sized Insight into Core/Flex Programs

We’ve gathered a few of our finest in-house mobility experts to develop a quick and easily consumable way for our clients and internal teams to learn the key components, best practices, and common applications of this trending policy type. We are pleased to share our Core/Flex Educational Video Series!

In our third episode in this educational series, Weichert Client Service Director, Chuck Langley, explains how core/flex programs can be incredibly effective vehicles for driving great experiences for your mobile demographic.

EPISODE 3: Core/Flex Programs and the Employee Experience

A mobility veteran, Chuck has many decades of experience in making work happen for his global clients and has witnessed firsthand how shifting employee needs have necessitated alternative approaches to the traditional mobility model. Chuck exposes what is most important to today’s mobile workforce and how flexibility and choice have proven to be effective in meeting these needs…if integrated into relocation programs in smart, mindful ways.

While one-size-fits-all approaches are notoriously flawed when it comes to talent management, the great thing about core/flex programs is that they really can bend to support a diverse employee demographic and a wide breadth of situations – so whether you’re moving a new hire, c-suite executive, single parent, or a couple with accompanying elderly parents, everyone can get what they need to make their relocation seamless and their transition successful.

As the battle for talent rages on, curating great experiences should be a focus for global companies looking to retain and attract top employees, and build a robust pipeline of future talent. Core/flex programs can help you reach those objectives (and more)! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch the full lineup of episodes in this series and to be the first to catch more educational content on the top trends driving today’s mobility landscape.

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Written by Ruhi Van Andel

Ruhi is the Digital Content Specialist on Weichert’s Marketing team. Leveraging a decade of experience in writing and marketing, she develops buzz-worthy content for the company’s website, social media channels, and client & colleague communications. Ruhi is a cat person, in case you were wondering.

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