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U.S. Inbound Assistance Current Practices

This report discusses our recent Pulse Survey on the current philosophy and practices around the support of housing in the U.S. We interviewed 17 clients from a variety of industries who reported some interesting results.


Emergency Preparedness for Relocation Managers

It's a wild world out there, and companies have a legal and moral obligation to ensure the safety, security and well-being of relocating employees and their families. This article offers tools and processes that can help you minimize risks and be prepared!

Weichert Trusted Partnership

Anatomy of a Trusted Partnership

This article explores the trusted partnership that Weichert has built with long-time client EY, with insight as to what makes a successful collaboration from both the Weichert and EY perspectives.

Weichert Holy Grail

Workforce Mobility Analytics: The Holy Grail

Mobile workforce analytics is where big data was 10 to 15 years ago; as a discipline it is just beginning to emerge as a business imperative. This article explores how using workforce analytics to make evidence-based decisions is equipping companies to better leverage their mobile workforce and drive business performance.

Weichert Return on Engagement

Return on Engagement from Your Mobile Workforce

In practical, easy-to-understand terms, this article offers insight to help you better understand ROE and begin to improve engagement among your mobile employees. A must-read for today’s corporate mobility managers.

Weichert Van Halen

Workforce Mobility lessons…from Van Halen?

Would you believe that one of the best “early alert triggering” systems for business problems was developed by David Lee Roth of the band Van Halen? It’s true, and his spandex-clad insights apply to workforce mobility, too! This story won Mobility magazine’s 2017 Editorial Award, so download it now… and rock on.

Press Releases


Weichert Proposed US Tax reform

The Importance of an Agile Workforce

How are today’s companies dealing with new challenges to talent deployment? You’ll find out in this brief but informative podcast summarizing the results of our annual Workforce Mobility Survey.

The Coronavirus and Your Mobile Workforce

relocation podcast


The Coronavirus is challenging HR and corporate relocation managers in unprecedented ways. In this episode, Weichert's subject matter experts discuss the virus' impact on mobility, offer timely advice for keeping employees out of harm's way, and provide insight to how other companies worldwide are tackling this problem.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lump Sums. Probably.

relocation podcast


Offering your relocating employees lump sums can help improve your budgeting while empowering your talent. But cutting a check and leaving them to their own devices can have its drawbacks. In this episode, our expert discusses the good and bad of lump sums, the many options available, the question most corporate program managers ask when finessing their lump sum programs, and the steps companies need to take to ensure their success.

Extended Business Travelers: The Good, The Bad and the Dangerous


Extended Business Travelers are a high-growth segment of the mobile workforce, used for project work, corporate expansion and talent development. But while these moves carry the same tax and visa/immigration risks as "traditional" assignments, most companies aren't taking the proper precautions. The result could be jail for your employee and sanctions or heavy fines for your company. In this podcast, our Advisory Services Practice Leader offers trends, challenges and best practices for keeping your EBTs productive... and safe!

The Importance of an Agile Workforce

Weichert Proposed US Tax reform


How are today’s companies dealing with new challenges to talent deployment? You’ll find out in this brief but informative podcast summarizing the results of our annual Workforce Mobility Survey. Jennifer Connell, Director of our Americas Consulting practice, discusses the survey’s key findings, the importance of flexibility and agility to successful workforce mobility and the lesson we can all learn from high-growth companies when it comes to employee relocation. It’s ten minutes packed with mobility news and statistics you can use.

Workforce Mobility Podcast: Deploying Talent in Latin America

Weichert Freelancer Deploying Talent in Latin America


In this podcast, subject matter experts from our consulting and global tax and compensation teams discuss some of the top challenges facing companies looking to deploy and manage talent in Latin America.

Podcast: Aligning Talent Management and Workforce Mobility

Weichert Team Aligning Talent


The results of Towers Watson's Talent Management and Rewards Study are in, and this year's results reveal a lot about how companies are struggling to attract and retain critical-skill and high-potential employees. In this podcast, Keith Caver, North America Practice Leader of Talent Management with Towers Watson, joins Ellie Sullivan, VP of our Global Consulting Practice, to discuss these results in relation to workforce mobility, and how companies should be leveraging mobility to acquire the talent they need and achieve their business objectives.

Workforce Mobility Podcast: Managing Policy Exceptions

Weichert - Businesswoman presentation


Anyone who manages a corporate workforce mobility program will have to deal with exceptions at some point. How can they be best controlled and tracked? And are they always a bad thing? And what are the most common exceptions and how do companies typically deal with them? This podcast delivers the answers and more, with informative perspectives from both the domestic side and global side. In just 10 minutes, let Jennifer Connell, Director of our North America Consulting practice, and Laura Levenson, Director of our Global Consulting practice, give you the tools you need to better handle exceptions.

Workforce Mobility Podcast: Core-Flex Programs

Weichert Core-Flex Programs Podcast


With the demographics of the mobile workforce changing and business objectives evolving faster, companies are seeking alternatives to traditional corporate relocations. One such type is the core-flex policy. In our latest podcast, Laura Levenson, Director of the global practice in our consulting group, examines core-flex, discussing pros and cons, best practices, and the reasons behind their increased use among today's companies.

The Weichert Workforce Mobility Podcast: Household Goods Shipping

Weichert City


In this episode, our Director of Global Transportation offers his insight on what companies should be looking for when it comes to selecting a provider for shipment and storage of relocating employees' household goods. An informative seven minutes that could help you save money on the most critical part of any relocation.

The Relocation Next Practices Podcast: Executive Benefits

Weichert Woman on iPad


Senior-level executives represent a company's most valued talent. But what sort of relocation benefits make sense for this demographic and can "over-delivering" to this group cause strife among lower level mobile employees? In this podcast, Weichert's Consulting Manager, Jennifer Connell, joins us to discuss best practices for executive relocation benefits and current trends around this issue.

The Relocation Next Practices Podcast: Pre-purchase Appraisals

Weichert Global Organizer 2018


Companies that relocate employees hear a lot about pre-purchase appraisals, but there are many questions as to what they are, when they should be used, and how they can best serve both the employee and employer. Weichert's Director of Appraisals and Valuation, Joe Palumbo, joins us to give us his perspectives and share some best practices.

The Workforce Mobility Podcast: The Financial Side of International Assignments

Weichert Global Organizer 2018


Most companies love sending employees abroad to fill critical roles and expand their skills. But few get excited about the accompanying tax and compensation challenges that accompany international assignments. In this quick but detailed podcast, Stewart McCardle, WRRI's VP of Global Financial Services, explains some of the ways companies can actually improve their international financial picture and key drivers that influence total international assignment spend. Nine minutes of critical insight for anyone managing a global workforce!

The Relocation Next Practices Podcast: Loss-on-Sale Strategies

Weichert Global Organizer 2018


Getting employees to relocate when they're faced with a loss on the sale of their homes can be a challenge. In this podcast, Weichert's manager of Consulting Services offers insight to best practices for using loss-on-sale assistance to overcome this resistance.

The Relocation Next Practices Podcast: Short Term Assignments

Weichert Global Organizer 2018


More and more companies are sending employees on short term domestic assignments. But are they adhering to industry best practices? This podcast addresses the pros and cons of domestic STAs, drawing from Weichert's recent survey of 100 companies. Your hosts is Jennifer Connell, Director of Consulting Services.

WRRI Relocation Podcast: Pre-Decision Programs

Weichert Global Organizer 2018


In the latest Weichert podcast, Jennifer Connell, Director of Consulting Services, discusses pre-decision programs and how they are becoming increasingly important to corporate relocation and HR managers trying to keep employees mobile in a challenging market.

Relocation Next Practices Podcast: Home Pricing Strategies

Weichert Global Organizer 2018


In the latest Weichert podcast, our subject matter expert offers critical strategies for pricing employee homes "right" to ensure a quick sale in today's challenging market.

Case Studies

Weichert Businessman Domino

Harmonizing Global Policies

A large chemical manufacturer made two significant acquisitions, transforming into one of the world’s largest science companies with a global workforce of over 60,000 people.

Weichert Global Execs Up to Speed

Getting Global Execs on the Ground and Up to Speed

One of our clients, a global Fortune 500 consumer products company headquartered in Switzerland, sent a key Executive to the U.S. on a three-year assignment, tasked with improving the company’s US margin.

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