The Rise of Global Domestic Mobility

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Why Global Domestic Mobility Matters

Our latest study into the steadily rising trend of global domestic mobility uncovers new data, best practices, and recommendations for effectively attracting and supporting the movement of local talent.

As the volume of intra-country moves steadily increases, globally operating companies are moving from global oversight to local development and management of programs and processes. This shift is helping these employers to better align with local customs and the needs of mobile employees and their families relocating for long-term career goals. And it addresses the growth in demand for local talent to fill leadership, managerial and technical roles previously occupied by international hires.

As domestic mobility gains recognition as a distinct talent segment, global employers are challenged to adopt a more structured approach to support this category of talent mobility. This steadily growing trend inspired Weichert’s latest study into the various aspects of global domestic mobility, examining the factors propelling its expansion and the numerous existing and emerging hurdles today’s employers face as they try to fill vital roles.

Our deep dive into this trend began in 2015 with our first detailed research project, which was revisited in 2021, and reassessed in 2023 due to the exponential growth of this move type. With over 75 participating companies, this report reveals the critical data and recommendations for global companies ready to refocus and refresh their global domestic mobility strategy to align with a very new (and ever-changing) world of work.

👉 Want more insight? Watch “The Steady Rise of Global Domestic Mobility” webinar featuring Laura Levenson and Helen Pereira as they discuss, analyze and debate the results of this groundbreaking research.

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