Weichert SMARTRIPTM: Compliance for Your Distributed Workforce

In the throes of pandemic, the complexion of most companies’ mobile workforces expanded to include everyone from “typical” transferees and assignees to business travelers, virtual assignees and remote workers.

Not surprising, this has given rise to a new generation of mobility challenges that can leave companies overwhelmed.

In response, we developed Weichert SMARTRIP, a groundbreaking, award-winning solution for companies to manage their fluid workforce with greater transparency and efficiency and mitigate the associated tax, visa and immigration risks.

SMARTRIP is a holistic solution built on technology that effortlessly pre-assesses each trip against the latest travel, tax and immigration regulations worldwide, and alerts dedicated specialists who identify and address any resulting compliance issues before they become problems. This ability to “know before you go” is critical to making the right decisions at the right time when it comes to your mobile talent, and avoiding the penalties, restrictions and reputational damage that compliance violations can bring.

SMARTRIP is also a powerful global talent management tool, strengthening duty of care by enabling your HR or Security teams to locate and communicate with employees in the event of an emergency and get them to safety when necessary. This reduces anxiety and improves the overall employee experience.

Depending on the size and scale of the population, Weichert also offers a host of service options—from supporting in-house cross functional security, travel and mobility teams, to full outsourcing—that allow the team to expedite compliance coordination associated with V&I, Social Security, A1, Posted Worker and I9 documentation.

Check the video below for insight to SMARTRIP’S full features and functionality. If you’d like a free assessment of your current compliance risks and how SMARTRIP can help you, email us.



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