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“The best mobility technology I’ve ever seen!”

That’s what the company at the top of the Fortune Global 500 said about Weichert Go. And a lot of other companies agree.

Our revolutionary relocation technology empowers corporate mobility professionals with a single, end-to-end solution that simplifies the management of your entire mobile population, provides unsurpassed clarity into your program cost drivers, and helps you track progress toward your unique policy and program goals.

For your employees, Go provides an experience that’s as easy and intuitive as the retail apps they use every day!

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Mobility departments are under pressure to do more with less, but many lack the insight needed for budgeting, talent strategy or workforce planning. Go has bridged this gap, delivering vivid, interactive dashboards that help our clients glean deep, Al-powered intel into their programs and activity. Rich visuals and in-the-moment data provide a consistent program pulse check and the agility to act quickly.
Stewart McCardle SVP of Technology

“I love the Go dashboards! They’re easy to navigate, and it’s been truly eye-opening for our business unit leaders to see their mobility costs broken out in such an easy to read format!” -- Tara Malone, Mobility Professional in the Aerospace Industry

Weichert Go's Key Features

Move Wizard

The Move Wizard simplifies initiations by automating key processes, with seamless API integration with other HR systems.


Built into Go, this flexible program management and reporting tool features an interactive dashboard for unprecedented visibility into your core/flex program. GoFlex delivers the robust analytics you need to track and forecast like never before.

Budget Tracking Tools

Budget tracking tools reflect real time actual vs. estimated spend for supercharged cost control and accurate answers when decisions need to be made.

Integrated Assignment Tools

Integrated assignment tools including TEQ management, Balance Sheet preparation and other compensation-related functions that bring secure and transparent transactions with lower administrative costs.

AI and Machine Learning

Powerful AI and machine learning tools make the system smarter and more intuitive with each use. Drawing from our vast library of policy and program data, Go's AI engine can also help you select the best-fit benefits for your goals.

Interactive Chat

Interactive chat and community features allow program managers to share questions, solutions and best practices with their peers in a private channel. Can also be offered to mobile employees through a private channel so they can share moving tips and local knowledge.

Request a demo today and discover the platform that won the EMMA Award for the Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility and the Gold Stevie® Award for Excellence in Emerging Technology at the 19th Annual International Business Awards®.

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