Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

At Weichert, we are passionate about being a good corporate citizen, which is why we have intentionally woven the three pillars of sustainability — Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) — throughout our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

This strategy provides the guideposts for operating as ethical, corporate citizens and supporting causes that align with our vision To Create Futures Where People Thrive.

As we pursue our CSR strategy, it’s not enough to state our sustainability goals. We believe in tracking – and sharing — our progress. And while we enjoy celebrating success, we also believe in using metrics to gauge opportunities for continuous improvement in everything we do.

Critical Components of Our CSR Strategy

Reduction of Our Carbon Footprint

We work with our supplier partners to reduce emissions and participate in carbon offset programs.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness

We strive toward equality and belonging in all aspects of our business practices.

Community Outreach

We think beyond our day-to-day and embrace practical tools to support individuals and organizations within our community.

Code of Business

We conduct ethical business practices and protect against all forms of discrimination, harassment, or abuse.

Data Protection

We elevate cyber security and other privacy compliance initiatives.

Emergency Preparedness

We maintain contingency programs and guidelines for unexpected needs, including for remote work.

Following the EcoVadis roadmap, we took some big leaps to further develop our sustainability program in 2023, earning Bronze certification for the second consecutive year.

As the architect of our company's sustainability journey, I firmly believe that true success in this endeavor is not a solo mission. It’s a collective effort, fueled by the passion and commitment of champions across our company and throughout our supplier channels. Together, we weave a tapestry of positive change, inspiring others in our industry, and making sustainability not just a goal, but a shared triumph for us all.
Bill Wilson Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain

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