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Weichert Workforce Mobility Study Reveals Top Challenges Impacting India Talent Deployment and Management 05.20.2019

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J.  – May 20, 2019 – Weichert Workforce Mobility’s Consulting and Advisory Services group has released the results of its research project on workforce mobility practices in India. This highly-anticipated report is the most extensive examination of workforce mobility practices ever conducted in this thriving region, designed to help organizations successfully navigate the colorful and complex world of India mobility and find new ways to engage, develop and retain top talent.

“With the quest to find suitable talent becoming progressively difficult, it’s vital that organizations increase their knowledge of the challenges and opportunities associated with high growth markets such as India, to ensure they are well equipped to fill global talent gaps,” said Laura Levenson, Practice Leader in Weichert’s Consulting Services and architect of the project.

In addition to surveying corporate managers and destination service providers with heavy mobile workforce activity in this region, Weichert partnered with Dezan Shira & Associates, a company providing foreign direct investment (FDI) services, to ensure that the results presented a holistic view of mobility challenges within India.

As Sunny Makhija, Senior Associate, International Business Advisory with Dezan Shira explained, one of the keys to success when moving talent into, out of and domestically within India is understanding the broad diversity of India’s culture.

“People speak different languages, eat different foods, and their social behavior is very different in all parts of the country,” said Makhija. “This also extends to administrative, legal, and tax requirements in different states. What holds true for North India may not be the case in the South, West or East India. HR Managers must be sensitive to these differences and not paint the country with the same brush. These subtle and not-so-subtle differences in culture must be taken into consideration during the time of resource mobility.”

With a high percentage of Asia Pacific mobility activity taking place into, out of and across India, this research report is expected to become an indispensable guide for corporate managers to gain clarity to local challenges, trends and best practices.

Reflecting Weichert’s culture of social responsibility, the company thanked its survey participants for their valuable time and feedback by making a donation in their name to HelpAge India, a non-profit entity dedicated to helping elders live with dignity.

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