Supply Chain Mastery

Your relocation management company is only as good as the supply chain it relies on to move your highly-valued employees. And today it seems there are more hands involved in the process than ever before. In fact, as talent deployment grows increasingly critical to business growth, C-suite and procurement professionals have voiced concern that the workforce mobility supply chain has become too fractured, with too many touch points and unnecessary complexity bringing increased risk.

In response, we’ve worked to eliminate supply chain management layers, taking steps toward vertically integrating our supply chain and building organizational core competencies. By performing more key mobility functions in-house and building stronger performance-tracking parameters around our key suppliers, we can maintain greater point-to-point accountability over every transfer, boosting speed, efficiency and employee satisfaction and productivity, while delivering an unrivaled value proposition.

This is a philosophy we have embraced since 2005, when we acquired PwC’s Global Mobility practice, integrating specialized international tax and compensation expertise into our Assignment Management Services team. It continued to evolve with the 2013 launch of Weichert Real Estate Support Services (WRESS), which brought two critical components of the mobility process—title and closing services–in-house. This makes us makes us less reliant on outside vendors while maximizing accountability and efficiency.

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