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Our 2023 Outlook for Household Goods 02.3.2023 | Kyriako Bouris

2022 was a perfect storm of challenges when it came to the transport of household goods. Thankfully, the forecast is a little sunnier for 2023!

relocation podcast

Mobility NowCast: When Movin’ Their Stuff Gets Tough 08.4.2021 | Kyriako Bouris

Our latest video addresses the many challenges facing the industry -- including driver shortages, increasingly complex international shipping laws and availability of space on cargo ships -- and how companies can overcome these concerns.

4 Tips for Managing Employee Travel Around the Holidays 12.12.2019 | OMNIA Partners

With the holiday season upon us, business travel is getting a little more complicated. Time-off requests and a high demand for airline tickets could take a bite out of your end-of-year productivity or make business travel financially difficult.

5 Signs your Household Goods Supplier Could be in Trouble 11.7.2018 | Kyriako Bouris

Your relocation program is only as good as the network of providers it’s built on. If one link in the chain goes down for the count, it’s easy to imagine the effects reverberating throughout your entire supply chain.

Weichert Transportation Issues International Assignment

Transportation Issues on International Assignment 08.28.2017 | Laura Levenson

Life on assignment drives mobile employees’ ability to advance their careers. Providing an automobile or car allowance to enable assignees to drive themselves around their destination location is another story.


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