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Weichert Webinar: Mortgage and Mobility Best Practices 11.2.2022 | Tim McCarney

To keep your mobile talent agile and ready to unleash as opportunity arises, you need to be armed with the right mix of flexible mortgage solutions and policy components built for today's market!

Home Purchase, Mortgage Programs, and Inflation – Part 3 09.19.2022 | Jennifer Connell

Right now, inflation in the US economy is feeling a little like an overtired toddler: impossibly stubborn. Thankfully, there are creative solutions and best practices to help employees overcome the stress of a frenzied market.

Home Purchase, Mortgage Programs, and Inflation – Part 2 08.19.2022 | Jennifer Connell

As the US economy grapples with inflation levels not seen since 1982, mobility professionals are thinking a little harder about how to contain program costs while maintaining a positive employee experience.

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Podcast: Relocation and the Surging U.S. Real Estate Market 05.13.2021 | Laura Levenson

Since the pandemic began, the US real estate market has been in overdrive, breaking its own records month after month. In this episode we'll examine what this means for relocating employees -- whether they're moving across the US or globally -- and for the companies that move them.

How Will The UK Tenant Fees Act Impact Mobile Employees? 05.20.2019 | Morgan E. Wiedmann

A new Tenant Fees Act is coming into effect 1 June 2019 in England. This Act is also due to take effect in Wales in the autumn of 2019, as it has now passed through the Welsh Assembly and awaits Royal Assent.

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Best Practices for Home Leave 01.20.2016 | Laura Levenson

Although a global assignment brings a sense of excitement and wonder, one of the first questions that expatriates and their family members often have — even before they depart — is, “when can we come back home to visit?”

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Quarterly U.S. Housing & Rental Market Round-up 11.15.2015 | Joe Palumbo

This fall, all eyes are on the Fed as the threat of an interest rate increase is the main concern. Interest rates are the wild card in the continued slow but steady housing recovery.


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