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How Long Is Your Mobility Policy? 10.24.2019 | Morgan E. Wiedmann

We live in a digital world, where we have shifted from print to digital, newspapers to online, books to e-readers and everything in between. With the demand and fast-paced world we are all in, many agree that the simpler, the better.
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Best Practices for Home Leave 01.20.2016 | Laura Levenson

Although a global assignment brings a sense of excitement and wonder, one of the first questions that expatriates and their family members often have — even before they depart — is, “when can we come back home to visit?”
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What Do You Do When Assignees Divorce? 04.29.2014 | Laura Levenson

I was recently interviewed for an article on the topic of divorce for Mobility Magazine, and it occurred to me that in 20+ years working in the global mobility industry, I have never been asked to approach this question from a strategic viewpoint.

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