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Weichert Workforce Mobility Launches Relocation Industry’s First Future-Proof Technology Platform 05.24.2022

Parsippany, NJ, May 25, 2022 – Weichert Workforce Mobility, a leading innovator in global talent deployment, has redefined relocation technology with the launch of its digital service platform, Weichert Go. A true industry disruptor, Go revolutionizes every aspect of relocation, empowering mobile employees and their managers with tools and capabilities that simplify and accelerate the process while dramatically improving the employee experience.

Designed with input from Weichert clients, mobile employees and industry influencers, Go is the first and only workforce mobility tech built entirely on Salesforce, the world’s number one digital experience and relationship management platform. This unique architecture enables Go — and Weichert’s customers — to benefit from every advancement made under Salesforce’s rigorous billion-dollar research and development program.

“Most workforce mobility technology systems are ‘home grown’ with an expiration date, requiring expensive and time-consuming upgrades,” said Stewart McCardle, Senior Vice President of Technology at Weichert. “On the other hand, Go’s rock-solid Salesforce foundation continuously reflects the latest innovations and evolves as the world changes. Users stay ahead of the speed of business, which makes Go the industry’s first and only future-proof technology.”

One of the platform’s most lauded features is the dynamic dashboard that seamlessly delivers highly relevant program information to mobility mangers — often before they even know they need it — to help them navigate the increasingly complex world of workforce mobility.

“A lot of Mobility departments are under pressure to do more with less, and one of their growing challenges is not having the information business units need for budgeting, talent strategy or workforce planning,” said Vicki Lander, EVP of Client Services. “Go solves this problem with intuitive, interactive dashboards that help our clients instantly glean deep, AI-powered insight to their programs and activity, with rich visuals and in-the-moment data they can analyze and act upon quickly.”

As no two corporate programs are the same, Go offers a level of flexibility and customization that other mobility technology simply cannot match, including the most intuitive core/flex program tool available and seamless management of employees working on remote or hybrid work arrangements, as well as lump sum and core/flex choice programs, all from the same system. Go is also a connectivity superstar, integrating seamlessly with HRIS systems to give managers One True ViewSM of their entire program and mobile population, so they can predict costs more accurately, spot trends and deploy talent faster.

“An agile, distributed workforce has never been more critical to business strategy and growth, and Go was designed to support our mission to help companies unleash their talent worldwide, wherever it’s needed, with greater compliance,” said Dave Bencivengo, President. “Go equips mobility managers with the insight they need to partner confidently with Talent Management and Total Rewards and to make work happen by filling skills gaps, developing leaders and engaging critical talent.”

Go delivers a similarly legendary experience for mobile employees, replacing redundant, time-wasting tasks with self-service tools that align with their unique journeys and empower them to initiate services, select suppliers, schedule appointments and manage environmentally-friendly e-docs — all from the mobile app. With Go, relocating employees can truly have “Mobility My Way” with everything they need to succeed at their fingertips. And when they want a little more guidance, Go’s got them covered, with dedicated Counselors just a click, text or speed dial away.

Other key features in Weichert Go that support a remarkable user experience include:

  • The Move Wizard, which simplifies initiations by automating key processes, with seamless API integration with other HR systems.
  • Innovative digital tools that allow users to work on the Go, including electronic document management and online scheduling tools that slash the time it takes to execute a move.
  • Budget tracking tools that reflect real time actual vs. estimated spend for more robust cost control and accurate answers when decisions need to be made.
  • Integrated assignment tools including TEQ management, Balance Sheet preparation and other compensation-related functions that bring secure and transparent transactions with lower administrative costs
  • Powerful AI and machine learning tools that make the system smarter and more intuitive with each use.
  • Interactive chat and community features that allow program managers to share questions, solutions and best practices with their peers in a private channel.

“In our industry, the user experience has been broken for too long; not just for the employees and families that are relocating, but for stakeholders managing the program,” explained Mark Bennett, EVP. “Weichert Go transforms the user experience and makes mobility technology as intuitive and engaging as the retail apps people use every day. It’s making our industry think differently about technology and we’re proud to continue to raise the bar—and the stakes.”

The new platform also earned praise from Salesforce.

“Salesforce is extremely proud to partner with Weichert to create a best-in-class technology solution for seamlessly managing the complex and unique components of workforce mobility,” said Mark Nardella, Director of Customer Success at Salesforce. “We look forward to seeing Weichert Go revolutionize corporate relocation through automated workflows, predictive analytics, AI-powered decision making and cost tracking.”

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