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For Tenth Straight Year, Weichert Workforce Mobility Earns Industry’s Highest Net Satisfaction Rating from Relocating Employees 07.26.2023

PARSIPPANY, NJ, July 26, 2023 – For an unprecedented tenth consecutive year, Weichert Workforce Mobility, one of the world’s leading providers of global talent mobility solutions, has earned the highest Net Satisfaction rating among its industry’s largest providers in the Annual Nationwide Relocating Employee Survey.

Weichert is the only company in its industry to hold this survey’s top Net Satisfaction rating for an entire decade. According to survey architect Alan Trippel, “Net Satisfaction is the strongest and most meaningful indicator of service quality.”

“We are honored by this recognition, which marks a Decade of Dominance for Weichert, confirming that when it comes to making the inherently complex process of relocation feel seamless and achievable to relocating employees, no one does it better or with greater consistency than our colleagues,” said Dave Bencivengo, President of Weichert Workforce Mobility. “We’re proud of our positive role in helping clients develop, retain and unleash their mobile talent amid some challenging shifts to the world of work.”

Conducted by Trippel Survey and Research, the Annual Nationwide Relocating Employee Survey is the mobility industry’s most trusted independent survey, providing unbiased rankings of the quality of relocation services based on feedback from mobile employees. The results allow HR professionals who manage mobility to better assess a provider’s service capabilities.

“The catalysts behind our continued success are the unwavering passion of our colleagues—both on the frontlines and behind the scenes—and our transformative technology,” said Vicki Lander, Executive Vice President. “Through our revolutionary Weichert Go platform, we have harnessed cutting-edge automation to streamline essential processes, empowering our teams to channel their energy into delivering unparalleled personal care and guidance to our clients and their mobile employees. It’s the perfect fusion of efficiency and empathy, and, as these survey results confirm, we’re using it to elevate the standard of service within our industry.”

“With the how, why and where of work changing at a blistering pace, the fact that we have continued to earn the industry’s highest Net Satisfaction ratings from mobile employees—-who can be the toughest critics of the relocation process—-day after day, year after year for an entire decade, is the ultimate testament to our ability to adapt, innovate, and make work happen for our clients and their mobile talent,” said Mark Bennett, Executive Vice President.

“These results also bolster our clients’ confidence in their decision to partner with Weichert and trust us with their most valuable asset,” added Bennett. “As we forge ahead to the next decade, leading the charge with the industry’s best service and game-changing technology, the possibilities are boundless.”

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