Case Study

Tech-Supported Sustainability

Flexibility, sustainability, diversity - this story has it all!

Shattering the constraints of traditional policies, Weichert Go is helping clients to simplify employee choice, empower better decision- making, and support their ESG goals.

Our pharmaceutical client was struggling to meet the needs of their more diverse workforce and couldn’t effectively meet the needs of the business or advance their ESG goals. Their traditional tiered relocation policies resulted in too many exceptions and subpar employee experiences, ultimately hurting the ROI of their mobility program. The client leveraged the Weichert Studio® to develop a bespoke solution focused on greater flexibility and employee choice.

Through our Environmental Impact Studio, Weichert’s certified design thinking facilitators, referred to as Studio Directors, helped them create a new Core/Flex policy and an automated governance tool that ensures a ‘consistently’ flexible program. The web-based governance tool reduces the administrative burden associated with managing a Core/Flex program by helping talent acquisition consistently determine the appropriate relocation package for each situation. Beyond streamlining, this process mitigates unconscious bias and expedites decision-making.

Weichert Go empowers the employee to curate their benefits by allocating flexible “points” on the benefits and services they deem most important to them. Benefit description tiles make it easy for employees to compare options, and select services or benefits. And self-service tools allow them to monitor progress, manage expenses and order services, all from their mobile app! They are in control but never alone, with their Weichert counselor always there to advise, coach and enhance their experience.

To support their sustainability goals, built-in incentives encourage ‘green’ choices (like furniture rental instead of household goods shipment) that lessen the carbon footprint of mobility. Any unused points are donated to the company’s sustainability project, enhancing their ESG goals and making employees feel better about their choices.

This program is being tested in the United States and after the ‘trial’ concludes, it will be made available worldwide to make work happen everywhere!


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