Case Study

From Core-Flex to Care-Flex

Everyone deserves a pawsitive relocation experience; a commitment that our client, a global leader in animal health, holds close to heart. A spin-off from a leading pharma giant, they are dedicated to innovating and delivering products and services to prevent and treat disease in farm animals and pets.

Historically, they only managed those moves that “touched the United States,” with all other moves managed by local HR. But with 90 global locations, one size certainly did not fit all, and it became apparent that a lack of consistency, time and resources was triggering tax and immigration risk and service issues. Regional HR teams were smaller than before due to a recent divestiture; those who remained struggled to manage mobility, source local suppliers, and ensure great experiences for their mobile talent.

As a result, the client’s Director of Global Mobility worked alongside Weichert to harmonize their program, establishing core compliance-related items with local nuances as flex benefits. The one rare core component of their program is Pet Transportation – rightly so!

The client describes their resulting Core-Flex relocation program as a “game changer” that improved the employee experience and resulted in a more equitable program with dramatically better reporting and transparency. Within their Core-Flex program, employees have additional flexibility to accommodate unique situations with a lump sum that covers house hunting and final move expenses.

“Our Core-Flex program simplifies the Permanent Cross Border process while still accommodating local best practices and variables.”

– Director, Global Mobility

Years later, the program is still meeting the needs of the organization and its very diverse workforce while supporting its innovative culture and talent strategy. And leveraging Weichert Go‘s capabilities has made the management of their Core-Flex framework more seamless than ever.

As for the furry four-legged dependents of their mobile talent? Let’s just say they’re grateful to work with a company that strives to make the relocation process a little less…ruff.

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