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Moving From One Border to the Next 04.16.2019 | Jennifer Connell

In our recent webinar on Nine Trends to Watch in 2019, we examined challenges in moving employees across borders.

Duty of Care… and Our Own Tale to Tell 01.28.2019 | Jennifer Connell

Increasing emphasis on emergency preparedness has pushed Duty of Care into the spotlight, making it a top concern for corporate mobility managers in 2019.

Propelling Mobility in India

Propelling Mobility in India 10.16.2018 | Morgan E. Wiedmann

Currently, India is the number one departure and destination country in the APAC region, with the number of assignees into and out of the country exceeding even China.

Are Your Supply-Chain Partners Legendary? 09.12.2018 | Morgan E. Wiedmann

In today’s fast-paced changing business world, having a dependable, resourceful network of suppliers to collaborate with can be a game changer.

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Examining Global Mobility Cost Optimization 02.27.2017 | Laura Levenson

Our recent two-part webinar series on cost optimization drew large corporate attendance, no doubt eager to hear their peers talk at length about their experience collaborating with Weichert to optimize program costs.

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Destination Spotlight: Relocating to Mexico 04.27.2016 | Laura Levenson

Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America, after Brazil. The country has an export-oriented economy with more than 90% of trade under free trade agreements.

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Tips for Managing Extended Business Travelers 01.24.2016 | Laura Levenson

With the steady increase in demand for a highly flexible and mobile workforce, Companies are growing concerned about a number of risks when it comes to business travel.

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The Challenges Facing Expatriates Returning to India 11.1.2015 | Laura Levenson

A lot of attention is given to expats being sent on assignment to another country, as companies understand that the faster they assimilate, the more productive they’ll be in their new roles.

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Examining Intra-Country Mobility Trends 09.23.2015 | Laura Levenson

Last week, we presented a webinar on Intra-Country Mobility Trends, which focused on domestically mobile workforces outside the US, UK and Canada.

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Assessing Compliance Risk for Global Assignments 07.14.2014 | Laura Levenson

As more companies embrace global mobility as a critical tool for developing top talent and pursuing new opportunities, our Consulting desk has seen increased requests for the best models and practices to streamline the complex management of global moves.

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What Do You Do When Assignees Divorce? 04.29.2014 | Laura Levenson

I was recently interviewed for an article on the topic of divorce for Mobility Magazine, and it occurred to me that in 20+ years working in the global mobility industry, I have never been asked to approach this question from a strategic viewpoint.


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