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Examining Mobility and Talent Challenges in APAC 12.7.2018 | Laura Levenson

When leveraged successfully, workforce mobility can play a significant role in attracting new hires, building bench-strength and supporting succession planning protocols.

Legendary Service Spotlight: Vicki Cain

Legendary Service Spotlight: Mary Wong 06.15.2018 | Morgan E. Wiedmann

One of the ways we continue to build Legendary Service into our corporate DNA is through our annual Legendary Service Stories Contest.

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Destination Spotlight: Relocating to Singapore 07.23.2016 | Laura Levenson

Singapore has been ranked #1 for both quality of life and happiest country in Asia, and that’s because the economic, political, socio-cultural environments – including healthcare, education, and transportation — are all top notch.

Weichert India Expatriates

The Challenges Facing Expatriates Returning to India 11.1.2015 | Laura Levenson

A lot of attention is given to expats being sent on assignment to another country, as companies understand that the faster they assimilate, the more productive they’ll be in their new roles.

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Examining Intra-Country Mobility Trends 09.23.2015 | Laura Levenson

Last week, we presented a webinar on Intra-Country Mobility Trends, which focused on domestically mobile workforces outside the US, UK and Canada.

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Long-Term Assignment, Local-Plus or Localization? 06.21.2015 | Laura Levenson

One of the questions I help companies resolve with greater frequency these days concerns intra-regional moves and the advantages (and disadvantages) they offer over traditional expatriate moves.


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