When Tech Moves with Mobility, Great Things Happen. 01.30.2023 | Ruhi Van Andel

As a parent, I’ll admit that I’m weary of technology. I struggle to balance protecting my young kids’ innocence and encouraging a natural curiosity about the world when they have a seemingly endless supply of information at their fingertips.

But as a runner, I LOVE technology. The evolution of the smartphone lets me listen to whatever I need to stay motivated while tracking my movement and guiding me to safety when I’ve strayed too far off my route. With my phone synced up to my watch, I can monitor my heart rate, cadence, and distance with incredible accuracy, so I can work towards going further, faster! Sure, I loved running long before the smartphone revolution (even when bound to the gentlest of steps to prevent the dreaded skipping of my Discman). The difference is my access to the data and the analytics I need to continually level-up my performance.

You can draw the same parallels to the relocation ecosystem. We’ve been sending assignees around the world for as long as this industry has been around (which, to get nerdy, dates back to the early 1600s). But advancements in technology have made managing the relocation process abundantly more efficient and have enhanced the employee experience, which equates to a much higher ROI for employers. Technology has also helped facilitate transparent relationships with our clients and provider partners, which allows for greater cost control, trust, and visibility into areas for improvement.

That’s why investing in technology continues to be a key area of focus for our company – because it drives great experiences for everyone.

In 2022 we launched Weichert Go, our ground-breaking and future-proof mobility management platform. The first and only mobility tech built on the Salesforce platform, Go delivers never-before-seen connectivity, an intuitive user interface, and dynamic data visualization. Go’s tools and functionality help you spot trends faster, predict costs and outcomes easier, and supercharge decision-making on everything from budgeting to policy upgrades. And interactive dashboards put your most meaningful measurements front and center, from spend and exceptions to employee tax and visa responsibilities, benefits utilization and much more. It’s changing the game for our clients and their mobile talent, but it’s also changing the game for our own people, streamlining complex processes and eliminating redundancies so that they can do their jobs better.

In 2023, we’re pushing the bar even higher with our latest innovation: the Go App.

This app puts the powerful, self-service functionality of Weichert Go in your employee’s pocket. From the Go App, they can:

  • Complete a needs assessment to define a truly customized experience.
  • Research the destination community and find housing and amenities that fit their needs.
  • Select suppliers and set appointments to accommodate their schedule.
  • Conduct a video survey of their household goods.
  • Track every facet of their move to see where they are in the process and keep things Go-ing.
  • Explore a library of helpful videos, articles and vetted resources from relocating employees for relocating employees.
  • Video chat with their Weichert Workforce Mobility Counselor for quick responses to specific, time-sensitive questions.

With Go in the palm of their hand, your mobile employees are in control but never alone. The App truly delivers a “Mobility Your Way” experience, keeping them moving in an ever-evolving world of work.

But that’s not all! A separate Go App for HR Managers lets you access the full spectrum of Go’s supercharged mobility management tools from any mobile device. So, you’re as fluid, flexible, and in control as your mobile employees.

Want to see more? To discover how Weichert Go and the Go App deliver great experiences for everyone in your relocation cycle, take it for a test drive and watch this space for more inside scoop on the tech that is transforming workforce mobility.

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Written by Ruhi Van Andel

Ruhi is the Digital Content Specialist on Weichert’s Marketing team. Leveraging a decade of experience in writing and marketing, she develops buzz-worthy content for the company’s website, social media channels, and client & colleague communications. Ruhi is a cat person, in case you were wondering.

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