Weichert Wrapped: Our Top Must-Reads of 2023 12.4.2023 | Ruhi Van Andel

Thanks to the genius of Spotify, we’re all getting a peek inside the personal playlists of our contacts as they share the top artists and songs that kept them grooving over the past year (we get it, you’re a Swiftie).

On a personal note, my own Spotify Wrapped made me question everything I thought I knew about my own musical tastes (and levels of coolness), but that’s neither here nor there. 

What WE really want to know is what content kept you most captivated. What insight did you pour over, re-read (or re-watch), share with a friend, and quote over dinner?

We’re proud to present Weichert Wrapped: a curation of our top blog posts of 2023, covering the trends, topics, and challenges that dominated the mobility space this year… and that YOU read the most!

🎁 Unwrap them here (you might say it’s the gift that keeps on giving):

1. Mobility Spring Cleaning: Trimming Costs, Uncovering Efficiencies

2. Discussing Mobility and Mental Wellness

3. Core/Flex Educational Series: The Employee Experience

4. Reflections on the Quiet but Steady Rise of Global Domestic Mobility

5. Global Mobility’s Role in the Sustainability Story

6. Navigating Mobility in a Remote World

We hope you enjoy tucking in as much as we enjoyed creating each piece. Bringing you the freshest insight on the trends driving our industry (and more broadly, talent management) has always been a key part of how we deliver Winning Outcomes for our clients and partners. But more recently, we’ve focused our efforts to amplifying a diverse range of voices across our company, inviting colleagues, subject matter experts, and clients to weigh in on mobility topics that they are passionate about. Not only does this initiative align with our Corporate Belief in Raising Your Hand, but these new perspectives directly enrich how we manage (and interact with) an increasingly more diverse spectrum of clients and customers.

After all, workforce mobility is very much a people-centric industry, and the better we can understand the experiences of different cultures, demographics, and family structures, the better we can anticipate (and meet) the needs of those we support.

Got a burning topic or question that you’d like to hear us talk more about in the 2024? Let us know! 

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Written by Ruhi Van Andel

Ruhi is the Digital Content Specialist on Weichert’s Marketing team. Leveraging a decade of experience in writing and marketing, she develops buzz-worthy content for the company’s website, social media channels, and client & colleague communications. Ruhi is a cat person, in case you were wondering.

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