Weichert Workforce Mobility Shortlisted for Global Mobility Award 04.12.2014 | Tim McCarney

We were very proud to learn that Weichert Workforce Mobility has made the shortlist for the Re:locate Awards 2013/2014. Presented by Re:locate Magazine, these awards are recognized as a benchmark of excellence across all aspects of relocation, both in the UK and internationally.

What makes this nomination so rewarding is that we are sharing it with one of our clients. Weichert Workforce Mobility and Reckitt Benckiser have been shortlisted in the “Best HR/Supplier Partnership” category, which speaks to the successful, synergistic relationship that has been forged between our companies.

In the highly competitive global consumer products industry, “speed over perfection” is Reckitt Benckiser’s philosophy. The company uses a 70-20-10 development model and considers global assignments critical to building the talent they need to grow their business. As Reckitt’s trusted partner, Weichert provides the seasoned expertise and agility that not only accommodates the company’s 70-20-10 model but enables them to deploy global talent at the speed their business demands. Working together and learning from each other’s cultures, Reckitt and Weichert have built a strong successful partnership that has advanced the client’s growth strategy.

Perhaps the best assessment of the positive impact the partnership with Weichert has had on Reckitt comes from the relationship manager within the client’s organization: “Weichert’s ability to quickly understand and adjust to the pace and complexity of our International Mobility practice has been impressive. Their willingness to adapt their resourcing and structure to meet our evolving business needs, particularly in developing markets, has allowed us to continue to aggressively pursue our business objectives. Through their continued dedication to go above-and-beyond for both us and our employees, they have improved service while decreasing cost; they are true business partners.”

Winners will be announced at a gala celebration in London on May 14. Fingers are crossed, but the acknowledgment of this truly successful partnership is already very rewarding.

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Written by Tim McCarney

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Tim is Weichert’s Vice President of Marketing, responsible for keeping our brand strong and crafting our brand’s story. Outside of the office, he can often be found worrying about the Boston Red Sox.

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