Weichert and IOS Relocations Win APAC EMMA for Best Partnership 09.13.2023 | Avrom Goldberg

At Weichert Workforce Mobility, our Belief in delivering Winning Outcomes is closely tied to the quality of our partnerships. Through the foundation of these relationships, built upon clear and open communication, and alignment of expectations and values, we can make work happen – sometimes even making the seemingly impossible happen — for our clients and their mobile talent in every corner of the world.

At the end of the day, we’re only as strong as these alliances. That’s why we are immensely proud to share that, at the most recent FEM APAC Summit in Singapore, Weichert Workforce Mobility and IOS Relocations were awarded the EMMA Award for Best Partnership Between Two Service Providers. This award is a true validation of a dynamic partnership that began over 20 years ago and has since delivered countless Winning Outcomes for our clients and their employees across the APAC region.

Partnership Success Stories

An India-based corporate relocation company, IOS Relocations has positioned itself as a “one-stop-shop” for every relocation requirement, and our joint partnership has, most notably, been critical to driving the success of the mobility programs of one of our largest APAC clients, a leading global tech company.

This client invests heavily in its New College Grad (NCG) and internship programs to build a strong talent pipeline. These groups of young employees have unique needs, and Weichert worked collaboratively with IOS to deliver a solution that made a big impact on this mobile demographic. In 2022, Weichert managed over 850 domestic moves in India for this client: the overwhelming majority of which were NCGs and interns. We partnered across the board with IOS Relocations in support of all these moves.

As on-the-ground local experts, IOS played a critical role in helping to source safe, clean, co-living spaces for the NCG cohort; a critical program that needed special handling at an affordable price. Considered one of the largest determinants of internship success, suitable (and affordable) temporary housing options are a rare find, but IOS has consistently demonstrated a drive to uncover hidden gems that make a big impact on our clients’ mobility programs.

For one young new hire, the Weichert and IOS partnership was particularly impactful. A recent graduate from NIIT Rourkela – one of India’s premier technical institutes — he identified as differently-abled due to a neurological and locomotive disorder affecting his posture and mobility. After being connected with Weichert to make the move to Hyderabad, we set up a meeting with his family and IOS. IOS welcomed the family into an accessible room of a premium property in Hyderabad, where he was eligible to stay for 14 days following his start date. This strategically sourced accommodation – a rarity within the city – provided unobstructed mobility and easy access to comfortable amenities, allowing the employee to conduct his daily routine — unrestricted. Accessible daily transportation was also organized to and from the office. The employee’s successful transition to his new role and home was a big win for our client, aligning with the organization’s belief in “transforming how the world uses information to enrich life for all and create opportunities for everyone.”

Particularly within the last few years, we’ve experienced a spike in the number of clients who are eager to work strategically to refresh their current processes and policies to better accommodate people and the planet, aligning more closely with the values of their workforce and their own corporate beliefs. This includes strategies for supporting disabled and differently-abled employees; strategies that we can only act upon by relying on trusted on-the-ground support.

We are proud to share these stories as examples of how our strong partnerships and a shared commitment to ingenuity can make mobility (and, more broadly, employment opportunities) inclusive and accessible to a more diverse demographic.

(More) Recognition of an Outstanding Partnership

At Weichert, we don’t let outstanding synergies go unnoticed! That’s why, in 2022, we were happy to present IOS with the prestigious Global Supply Chain award, specifically acknowledging their performance and engagement with this client account. By nominating them for this award, it demonstrates that the partnership is meeting its objectives and delivering value to assignees and the organization. Thanks to the trust, respect, and mutual openness forged through our partnership with IOS, in India alone, we have provided relocation support for over 1,200 interns and new college graduates in 2022 and YTD 2023, with a sustained focus on setting expectations, connecting them to resources to ensure their success, and finding safe, affordable, co-living options (a formidable feat within this market).

Particularly with India’s burgeoning population of young, skilled new employees entering the workforce, this partnership has laid the foundation for a future of shared success in unleashing talent across this region. And we can’t wait to share more stories of the Winning Outcomes that we’ll deliver together.

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Written by Avrom Goldberg

A widely-recognized expert on global talent mobility, Avrom is the Senior Vice President, Global Client Services for the EMEA, APAC and LATAM regions. He has written extensively on Asia Pacific mobility trends and best practices for such publications as China Staff magazine, HRM China, Human Capital Hong Kong, Bo Le Journal for Strategic Management, Mobility magazine and HR World. Avrom was twice distinguished by The Forum for Expatriate Management, having won the EMMA award for “Outstanding Contribution to APAC Global Mobility” and “Global Mobility Professional of the Year.”

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