Podcast: Relocation & The Current Real Estate Market 10.14.2022 | Tim McCarney

Weichert’s Mobility Real Estate Update is BACK, and our timing couldn’t be better if we do say so ourselves! Because although the US housing market is not burning as hot as it was earlier this year, there are still a host of factors at play impacting the accessibility of real estate and creating hurdles for mobile talent (and those supporting them).

In this informative episode, our subject matter experts take a 30-minute deep-dive into the current state of the market, trends they’re seeing, where they predict things are heading, and how corporate relocation managers can stay one step ahead of every challenge the market conjures.

Join Betsy Roche, VP of the Weichert Broker Network, and Joe Palumbo, VP of Real Estate Services, for a valuable and insightful market discussion with Laura Levenson, Practice Leader of our Advisory Services group as they address your burning real estate questions and concerns, including:

  • The current challenges of handling homes in inventory
  • Helping overcome a reluctance to sell
  • Loss on sale incentives: yay or nay?
  • Climbing mortgage rates and the impact on buying power

Listen in for the tips you need to help Make Work Happen!


You can listen to this episode by using the player on this page, downloading it directly from PodOMatic, or listening on your favorite Podcast platform (Apple, Spotify, Google and more).

Too engrossed to take notes? Afraid you missed something? Laura Levenson’s got you covered here with the choicest bites of insight from the podcast and the top 5 tips for navigating this messy market successfully.

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Written by Tim McCarney

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Tim is Weichert’s Vice President of Marketing, responsible for keeping our brand strong and crafting our brand’s story. Outside of the office, he can often be found worrying about the Boston Red Sox.

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