Numbers Game: New ISO Sets Standard for Managing Travel Risk 05.25.2021 | Zarina Godhrawala

ISO 31030

For the people who oversee employee relocation and business travel, all eyes have been on the pending ISO 31030 standard. Why is this important? ISO 31030 will become the new global benchmark for travel risk management and duty of care.

Specifically, ISO 31030 will provide guidance for anyone who holds responsibility for ensuring that employees sent on business-related travel remain safe and secure, anywhere in the world.

At a time when failure to comply with visa/tax and travel regulations can incur penalties that include million-dollar fines and global business restrictions, this new standard aims to “promote a culture where travel-related risk is taken seriously, resourced adequately, and managed effectively.”

It will cover all aspects of corporate travel, including approvals, traveler assessment, transportation, destination, accommodation and much more.

With business travel resuming, the timing of this new safety standard couldn’t be better; ISO 31030 is currently under development and set to be finalized and published this summer. Once enacted, it will provide companies with a structured approach to the assessment (and, if necessary, the development) of their travel risk management policy.

Of course, one way to reduce risk and make employees feel safe and confident when travelling is using Weichert’s SMARTRIP tool. SMARTRIP helps companies demonstrate and ensure compliance with the latest tax, visa and COVID-related travel restrictions and it’s the perfect tool for helping you keep in-step with ISO 31030.

For more information on ISO, check out the official site here.

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Written by Zarina Godhrawala

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Zarina is Manager of Global Compensation Services and Business Travel Services. She has over 10 years of experience in employment-based immigration and served as Immigration Manager at Deloitte before joining Weichert. She is a highly-regarded expert in US immigration law and her broad skillset encompasses global mobility management, HR, team leadership & development, mobility policy development and creating exceptional employee experiences.

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