MoveMinds: Supporting Veterans Through the Relocation Process 06.17.2024 | Laura Levenson

Good partners are truly the foundation of exceptional relocation experiences, and we are grateful to work with the best in the biz to provide specialized expertise, logistical capabilities, and local knowledge to our clients’ mobile talent.

Our provider partners’ contributions range from transportation and housing to customs clearance and destination services, ensuring every move aspect is handled with utmost precision and care.

The strength of these partnerships has been instrumental in helping us to outshine our largest competitors in consistently achieving top service scores from relocating employees and corporate mobility managers alike. By fostering collaborative relationships built on trust, reliability, and mutual respect, we can leverage their strengths and develop targeted, agile solutions to keep our clients and their customers moving forward in a mobility landscape that is forever in flux.

We’re proud of this synergy, which is why we were keen to tap into the wisdom of our partner providers and understand their unique perspectives on everything from managing mobile talent to overcoming global challenges to the shifting role of the mobility function within the companies we serve.

With that, I’m thrilled to introduce our new podcast series, MoveMinds, featuring conversations about the transformative power of talent mobility – for the people who move and the companies who move them. Each episode spotlights an expert from one of our provider partners as they explore a mobility hot topic with a Weichert host.

In our inaugural episode, Weichert’s Manager of Global Supply Chain, Adam Bowlby, sits down with John Merriweather, President and CEO of GO Destination Services, for a detailed discussion of how the relocation industry can best serve veterans and the unique skills and immense value that veterans can bring to the relocation discipline. Drawing on his experience as a veteran and a relo professional, John provides timely advice and a solid perspective for corporate mobility managers and service providers alike.

Headphones in, volume up, let’s GO:


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Written by Laura Levenson


Laura Levenson is a Practice Leader in Weichert Workforce Mobility’s Advisory Services group. She has worked in management capacities for workforce mobility and Big Four firms, and is well-versed in bringing clarity to the most pressing global talent deployment challenges. She brings over 25 years of experience to her role and is a frequent speaker on the mobility conference circuit.

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