What Role Do Internships Play in Your Mobility Program? 05.29.2019 | Morgan E. Wiedmann

It’s that time of year again when companies are welcoming interns, injecting new skills and ideas into their organizations while also developing a pool of potential future talent.

As more organizations realize the value of interns in growing their workforce, relocation benefits for interns becomes a hot topic of conversation.

I sat down with Dan Lucisano, Regional Vice President, Client Services in our San Francisco office, to discuss his experiences with interns in the Bay Area.

  1. In the Bay Area do you see a lot of clients with internship programs? Yes. Being in Silicon Valley many of our clients are from the tech industry and they all have varying degrees of Intern programs. We also see intern programs from our pharmaceutical clients as well.
  2. Today’s interns are tomorrow’s prized talent – can you talk about the power of internships? I believe the Intern programs do many different things for organizations. One client values the benefit of mitigating risk when hiring new talent. Having someone go through the intern program allows both parties to have a glimpse into the future to see what each other can expect from the organization and the potential employee. The cost to hire talent and relocation is very high in the Bay Area and when you have an intern program, it allows you to be more educated and confident in the talent you may be hiring down the road.  It also allows the intern to understand the company’s culture, career path opportunities, and what life will be like in the Bay Area.
  3. Describe the traditional client practices around interns. The majority of intern programs run one time per year and it is usually April/May to July/August. The companies will cover travel to and from, accommodations (roommate share) and some type of local transportation allowance.
  4. Do you handle any relocation policies for interns currently? Yes. Most of our clients have separate policies for their intern programs. Almost all of the intern relocation policies involve a close partnership with our Temporary Housing suppliers, as accommodations represents a significant component of most intern programs. They assist with not only finding the housing but also pairing up the roommates.
  5. What is one best practice/piece of advice you could give to those who have or want to develop an internship program? Plan early. Most intern programs are reserving the housing in October / November prior to the upcoming spring time. The Bay Area, in particular, is very tight on temporary housing so the earlier the better. Also, offer the right amount of support. It’s not enough for a candidate to land an intern opportunity. They have limited funds and coming to a high cost place like the Bay Area can be difficult financially without support from the companies.

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Written by Morgan E. Wiedmann


Morgan Wiedmann is the Content Specialist in Weichert’s Marketing group. Leveraging over six years of experience in writing and marketing, she develops content for the company’s website and social media channels as well as for client and colleague communications. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Journalism from Suffolk University in Boston. Morgan serves as an active member of Worldwide ERC’s YP40 committee and has been named a Marketing Champion by Salesforce.

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