Meet Our New, Game-Changing Mobility Technology 05.25.2022 | Stewart McCardle

The curious thing about technology is that if you’re not ahead, you’re already falling behind…and it’s no secret that the mobility industry has struggled to keep pace, burdened with systems that are siloed, complex to navigate, and, quite simply, not fit for the digital age.

When it comes to advancing mobility tech, mobility players have traditionally focused their efforts inward, with the needs of the client in the periphery (rather than the forefront).  There has never been a platform that creates synergies between the multiple moving parts of relocation, in a manner that simplifies and amplifies the user experience.

That’s why, at Weichert, we took on a mission to do things differently.

We didn’t want to keep building tech that was only being used within the mobility realm. Partnering with Salesforce was the relationship we needed to develop a modern technology system that was powerful and future-proof, with the capacity to make mobility infinitely more accessible and strategic for our clients while streamlining our own internal processes. Salesforce has been in business for over twenty years and has grown to hold the largest share of the customer relationship management (CRM) market. That presence means familiarity for our clients, many of whom are already using it or have at some point in their careers.

Salesforce’s technology is powerful but user-friendly – you can make parallels to Apple or Google in the platform’s intuitiveness. The other parallel is the ease that cloud computing offers, with seamless software updates and the elimination of the need to manage servers on our part.

Weichert is not a software company, but we have a complex business that requires a customized solution. Salesforce seemed a perfect fit to help elevate our technology and do our jobs at the highest level.

Weichert + Salesforce = Weichert Go

We’re proud to introduce the result of this larger-than-life partnership: Weichert Go, our core relocation management system leveraging the Salesforce platform.

As a single ecosystem that connects all stakeholders (clients, relocating employees/assignees, suppliers, and Weichert colleagues), it securely integrates our systems – while integrating seamlessly with our clients’ systems – to allow real-time updates throughout the mobility process. Go delivers groundbreaking tools, dynamic data visualization, and an intuitive user interface unlike anything in our industry.

Internally, this new system has streamlined processes that had previously created hurdles and eaten time for those managing the relocation process – like exceptions, logging, call notes, and task management – bringing dynamic organization to the chaos that is a full-blown relocation. Taking manual or disparate processes and bringing them together in an efficient, connected way has been a huge benefit to our teams, but also one that amplifies the mobility experience for our clients and their employees in revolutionary ways!

Weichert Go sets us up for the future. We’re getting out of mobility standards and catching up with world standards. And this change will help us be a better partner to our clients.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share sneak peeks into more of Go’s exciting features, designed to make workforce mobility what it should be; efficient, data-driven, and intuitive. Or better yet, take a test drive today!

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Written by Stewart McCardle

As Weichert’s Senior Vice President of Technology, Stewart is the visionary behind our Weichert Go platform, which was built to revolutionize the relocation experience for mobile employees and the managers who move them. He also spearheads the ongoing design and evolution of Go while overseeing all processes, training and reporting related to the system. Stewart came to Weichert from PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2006, and earned his MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business with a focus on international business and management.

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