International Service Accolades Complete Weichert’s “Trippel Crown” Achievement 04.27.2018 | Morgan E. Wiedmann

International Service Accolades Complete Weichert's

In earning the highest service satisfaction score among the industry’s largest companies in Trippel’s International Mobility Survey, Weichert is continuing a remarkable run. 

The results of the Fourteenth Annual Relocation Managers’ Survey on International Administration, Policy & Performance are in. And we are proud to note that Weichert received the highest service satisfaction score among the industry’s largest companies from the corporate relocation managers who were surveyed.

This survey is based on input from 179 corporate relocation managers nationwide who were asked to rank their providers in such areas as expatriate program administration, expatriate assignment policy and level of service satisfaction.

While such outside validation of our service quality is always nice, we are more impressed to see the level to which our colleagues have become Trusted Advisors to our clients and their transferring employees.

“Providing exceptional service to international assignees is a complex process as you are not only helping them with the logistics of their move,  but in most cases you are assisting as they settle into a country that they have very little familiarity with,” said Vicki Lander, Executive Vice President and overseer of our North American-based service teams. “The dynamics of navigating that change are enormous and receiving such a remarkable rating in this survey tells me not only that our service teams are bringing strong empathy and support to these employees, but also that our clients have great confidence in our work.”

Making this news even sweeter is the fact that it comes on the heels of Weichert receiving our industry’s highest net satisfaction rating from corporate managers and transferees on Trippel’s  Sixteenth Annual Relocation Managers Survey and the Twenty-Third Annual Nationwide Relocating Employee Survey.

These ratings mean a lot, because the Trippel surveys are the only objective, industry-wide surveys to rank the quality services provided by relocation management companies. They’re a testament to the Legendary Service that Weichert colleagues deliver within our organization, to our clients and to their mobile employees.

“While I am not surprised to see our Colleagues and our Company recognized for delivering extraordinary service, I continue to be impressed with how deeply passionate and firmly committed our colleagues are,” says Chris Brunone, Weichert’s EVP of Talent Development & Colleague Engagement.

“Legendary Service is what sets us apart from our competitors, helps us propel our clients’ programs to new heights and strengthens our reputation across the industry,” said Chris. “Working together, our colleagues have fully internalized Legendary Service, making it part of our culture and transforming it into something tangible, something clients can feel when they work with us. I thank them for making a tangible difference in the lives of our clients, assignees and transferees.”

Weichert achieved the highest service satisfaction score among the industry’s largest companies for international services.

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Written by Morgan E. Wiedmann


Morgan Wiedmann is the Content Specialist in Weichert’s Marketing group. Leveraging over six years of experience in writing and marketing, she develops content for the company’s website and social media channels as well as for client and colleague communications. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Journalism from Suffolk University in Boston. Morgan serves as an active member of Worldwide ERC’s YP40 committee and has been named a Marketing Champion by Salesforce.

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