European Union’s Posted Workers Directive and How It’s Impacting Companies 04.4.2019 | Jennifer Connell

Posted Workers Effectively Mobilizing Talent Within Europe

Mobility program owners need to stay informed on the many changes that may impact their program in the region.  

Since the approval of the EU’s Posted Worker Directives in June 2018, we have been monitoring activity and concerns amongst our client base with the goal of ensuring our clients meet the requirements for posted workers and continue to comply with regulations to effectively mobilize their talent within Europe.

Universally, the increased administrative burden on mobility managers to ensure compliance is the biggest challenge. While the requirements vary between Member States (a challenge unto itself), many Member States are imposing similar requirements such as:

  • Prior notification of the posting to the host EU Member State
  • Retention, in paper or electronic form, of social documents (pay slips, time sheets, etc.)
  • Retention of these documents after the end of the posting period for a reasonable period of time
  • Designation of a person to liaise with the authorities in the host EU Member State
  • Designation of a person to liaise with social partners in the host EU Member State

The inability to comply with these requirements can expose an organization to a variety of potential consequences from significant financial penalties, to exclusion from future postings, to limitations on the organization’s ability to conduct business within the Member State.

While most mobility managers have been aware of implications of the Directive, even before June 2018, many still struggle to design and implement a defined process for administering posted worker requirements. They are overwhelmed as they seek to unite immigration, labor law, social security, and salary and benefits administration. This alone is presenting delays in sending posted workers on assignments and affecting some organizations’ abilities to be agile in talent shortages.

If you are mobilizing talent through Europe or plan to in the future, check out our latest whitepaper, Posted Workers Effectively Mobilizing Talent Within Europe, to ensure you have a good understanding of the posted workers directive and the best practice steps you should consider to effectively mobilize your posted worker talent through Europe.

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Written by Jennifer Connell


Jennifer Connell, SCRP, SGMS-T, is Vice President of Weichert’s Advisory Services group. She has over 25 years of experience in the workforce mobility and employee benefits industries and is a recipient of Worldwide ERC’s Distinguished Service Award. She has spoken on workforce mobility topics at industry conferences throughout North America and written for mobility- and HR-themed blogs and magazines worldwide.

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