Employees Raising Their Hands to Relocate 01.7.2020 | Morgan E. Wiedmann

Our survey on Alternative Assignment Types: Employee-Initiated Moves focused on these “hand raisers” and the shift in how companies are addressing this portion of their mobile population.

While traditionally organizations simply offered a straightforward local transfer, or “lite” model of support, many are now recognizing the talent management value of this portion of the employee base (often Millennial high performers) and are rethinking their packages to offer more customized support.

What is the impact?

For the majority (71%) of our survey respondents, employee initiated moves still make up a small portion (<25%) of their mobile workforce. Therefore it’s unsurprising that 42% of respondents don’t have a formal policy or procedures in place to address, and opt instead to offer a benefits-reduced version of an existing policy.

However, with the Millennials representing both the highest number of self-initiated moves (63%) as well as the highest proportion of the workforce today, employers need to recognize the inherent value in exploring this alternative move-type.

The most common reason for a self-initiated move is career development/international experience – positioning these hand-raisers as your potential future leadership cohort.

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Written by Morgan E. Wiedmann


Morgan Wiedmann is the Content Specialist in Weichert’s Marketing group. Leveraging over six years of experience in writing and marketing, she develops content for the company’s website and social media channels as well as for client and colleague communications. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Journalism from Suffolk University in Boston. Morgan serves as an active member of Worldwide ERC’s YP40 committee and has been named a Marketing Champion by Salesforce.

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