Let’s Make Work Happen: Discussing Mobility and Mental Wellness 04.12.2023 | Ruhi Van Andel

Let's make work happen. Conversations about workforce mobility with special guest Tom Wagner of Micron Technology

We are proud to announce the launch of our new web series, Let’s Make Work Happen!

In each episode, host Jennifer Connell will discuss some of the most critical and challenging trends in our industry with corporate mobility experts and Weichert subject matter experts from across the globe.

In our debut episode, Jen welcomes Tom Wagner of Micron Technology to talk about mental wellness and how it applies to a demographic that can often be most vulnerable: relocating employees. It’s the eye-opening insight that everyone from HR managers to corporate mobility professionals to relocating employees themselves will appreciate.

Stay tuned for more insight-packed conversations to come!

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Written by Ruhi Van Andel

Ruhi is the Digital Content Specialist on Weichert’s Marketing team. Leveraging a decade of experience in writing and marketing, she develops buzz-worthy content for the company’s website, social media channels, and client & colleague communications. Ruhi is a cat person, in case you were wondering.

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