Designing a Legendary Mobile Employee Experience (Part Two) 02.26.2020 | Ellie Sullivan

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Our 2020 desktop calendar theme is “Designing a Legendary Employee Experience.” So every month we’re offering insights and proven tips to help you design a relocation program that your employees will fall in love with.

And what’s not to love about improving the employee experience? Research conducted by the Harvard Business Review indicates companies that invest in the employee experience enjoy 4 times higher profits and 2 times higher average revenues! That’s a pretty good ROI and certainly enough to earn you “hero status” with the CHRO!

Imagine a flawless relocation program that supports your company’s talent acquisition, development and retention efforts. Does it sound a little too good to be true (kind of like those guys on “The Bachelor”)?

Well, fear not. For the first time in my 25 year consulting career I see a whole new way of looking at the problem — leveraging “design thinking” to put the employee at the center of the process.

This human-centric approach allows us to grasp an employee’s needs and desires to reveal the moments that truly matter during their relocation.

It has ushered in creative problem solving techniques and active “re-imagining” that makes it easy for leadership to support change because it yields meaningful improvements and measurable results.

Last but not least, from my perspective as the facilitator, it’s fun and even more rewarding to see how the employee experience can be improved.

If 2020 is the year you want to improve the employee mobility experience then we hope you’ll seize the opportunity to tap into our proven strategies. If you need a calendar, let us know and in next month’s installment we’ll talk about where to start and the importance of listening to the voice of the customer to learn what matters most and how to help your company thrive.

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Written by Ellie Sullivan


Ellie Sullivan, SCRP, SGMS-T, has over 30 years of experience overseeing critical mobility advisory initiatives, including policy benchmarking, proprietary research and tracking global trends and best practices. She is also the creator of our proprietary Optimization Lab format, which brings together Weichert SMEs and client stakeholders for day-long workshops to analyze current program challenges, identify solutions and create a road map to the ideal future state.

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