Designing a Legendary Mobile Employee Experience (Part One) 01.28.2020 | Ellie Sullivan

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Welcome to the new decade! If you were lucky enough to get one of our cool 2020 desktop calendars (and if you weren’t, you can request one here), you have probably found it indispensable, even in our synced-up digital worlds, because it requires no clicks to find a date. But the real value comes in the content. This year’s calendar theme is “Designing a Legendary Employee Mobility Experience” and each month offers a succinct tip. To keep the conversation going, we’ll be using our blog to expand on those monthly tips with deeper insight and guidance.

The first installment drops today. Stay tuned, and by New Year’s Eve you’ll be offering a better experience and managing a Legendary program!

Over the holidays, I planned to shop local to support my community. But as new gift ideas kept coming to me at the break of dawn (the early riser curse), I repeatedly found myself caving to convenience and ordering something online. In the quiet morning hours, gift ideas came easier and I could compare prices, features and options over a cup of coffee before anyone else woke up! The best part, my gift would be on my doorstep in a day or two without fighting for a parking spot or dealing with crowds.

It was a reminder that instant gratification – often called “the Amazon effect” — has become the new norm, raising our collective expectations. And that includes those of your mobile workforce.

With all the tech advances and a pervasive “why wait” mentality, it’s no surprise that relocating employees and assignees want faster, easier and more efficient service and processes. Mobile employees also demand more options, especially for how and when they communicate.

Put simply, sometimes they want an experienced advocate to guide them through the process, other times they want the empowerment of self-service tools. The challenge for today’s mobility program managers is finding and executing the proper balance between counselor and technology to ensure an effective user experience.

My shopping example demonstrates the importance of being able to deliver service when employees will find it most convenient and also reveals how we use tools that are available 24/7 to conduct research and expedite service. In next month’s post, I’ll be drawing from the insights we’ve collected from hundreds of Voice of the Customer interviews to shed light on the importance of qualitative feedback when it comes to improving the employee experience for your expats, transferees and their families.

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Written by Ellie Sullivan


Ellie Sullivan, SCRP, SGMS-T, has over 30 years of experience overseeing critical mobility advisory initiatives, including policy benchmarking, proprietary research and tracking global trends and best practices. She is also the creator of our proprietary Optimization Lab format, which brings together Weichert SMEs and client stakeholders for day-long workshops to analyze current program challenges, identify solutions and create a road map to the ideal future state.

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