2024 Client Strategy Summit: The Choicest Cuts (Part I) 04.23.2024 | Jennifer Connell

Weichert Workforce Mobility’s Client Strategy Summit is our annual landmark event, and our 2024 edition was no exception. Held at the iconic Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida, attendees heard from industry leaders, thought experts, and seasoned professionals, gaining pertinent, actionable insight into the latest trends, best practices, and strategies shaping the mobility landscape. Interactive workshops and roundtables offered a platform for attendees to candidly explore emerging challenges, collaborate on solutions, and drive success for their talent and businesses.

In today’s ultra-competitive global marketplace, these are the difference-makers in cultivating resilient leaders and organizations, and we are honored to help our clients and partners cut through the noise.

Key Takeaways

One of the foundational features of our annual Summit is the expert-led sessions that generate deep insights into the latest trends and best practices in workforce mobility.

Included within this breadth of sessions is our recurring – and ever popular — benchmarking workshop, which gives attendees the opportunity to discuss mobility challenges (and solutions) with an intimate group of peers. Every table was full, and attendees brought a diverse range of topics and pain points to explore.

As insight-packed as ever, we are happy to share some key takeaways from our sessions and benchmarking workshop. They reveal and emphasize some of the top mobility pain points and how today’s industry leaders are working around these challenges to protect the well-being of their talent and businesses.

Takeaway 1: Effective leadership can strengthen mobility’s voice in your company.

In a session led by Weichert’s EVP of Talent Development, Chris Brunone, two corporate leaders revealed their journey to advance mobility’s role in their company’s talent strategy, emphasizing the strategic over the tactical aspects of mobility. These leaders shared the critical behaviors and tools they leveraged to earn a respected voice within their companies, including continuously seeking out data to tell stories and demonstrate value, intentionally fostering internal partnerships across various departments, and challenging the status quo to seek better ways of doing things.

Chris’ session beautifully complemented the message of our Summit keynote speaker, Commander Mark McGinnis, a distinguished Navy SEAL and authority on leadership principles. Drawing from his experience leading and participating in over 400 missions during his 24-year military career, he shared the most important leadership principles used in the SEAL Teams to not only survive but thrive in almost any situation—principles that our audience agreed would be equally valuable in the business world.
Takeaway 2: Data is (still) King, but with more data available than ever, we need to optimize it.

Behind every data point lies a narrative waiting to be unraveled—a tale of insights, patterns, and experiences. As part of our Roundtable session, attendees brainstormed methods for identifying trends and patterns and the relevance of benchmarking, as today’s predictive analytics enables us to look at program data in a dynamic and meaningful way. They emphasized the importance of context, comparison, and thoroughness in data collection and analysis to drive informed business decisions.

The bottom line: The narrative behind the data we mine is considered just as crucial as the numbers themselves, providing context that numbers alone cannot offer. For example, understanding the background of a person’s experience who has had significant investment versus someone with minimal spend is essential.

The immense potential of data has been the guiding force behind many of the recent technology upgrades we have unveiled within the Weichert Go platform. Features like our interactive GoFlex dashboard are empowering our clients with even more clarity into their programs, and the confidence to make informed decisions that benefit their business and mobile talent.

Stay tuned for more of the tastiest takeaways from a comprehensive, enriching, and rewarding experience that left our corporate attendees and Weichert leaders with plenty of food for thought as we endeavor to raise the bar for supporting mobile talent worldwide and drive success in our organizations.

It’s not just a conference, it’s a community of learning and growth, and we are so grateful to everyone who attended and contributed to making our 2024 Summit one for the books!

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Written by Jennifer Connell


Jennifer Connell, SCRP, SGMS-T, is Vice President of Weichert’s Advisory Services group. She has over 25 years of experience in the workforce mobility and employee benefits industries and is a recipient of Worldwide ERC’s Distinguished Service Award. She has spoken on workforce mobility topics at industry conferences throughout North America and written for mobility- and HR-themed blogs and magazines worldwide.

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